• UCBeast 153 E 3rd St New York, NY, 10009 United States

B.Y.O.T. is UCB's improv/sketch team jam.

Are you on an improv team and want to do a short set on stage at UCB? BYO improv team. Does your sketch team want to try out that new sketch in front of an audience? BYO sketch team. In a practice group that wants more practice?BYO practice group. In an improv/sketch class and want some more reps?BYO class. Do you have a friend group that wants to give this improv stuff a shot? BYO friend group. Are you just a person that wants to try out a character? BYO self.

BRING YOUR OWN TEAM. UCB's only team jam.

Hosted by Austin Rodrigues and the rest of UCBeast's Hot Chicks Room Bar staff.

Every Sunday at 10pm. Totally FREE.